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Our Vision

Andrews High School believes
in the value of each student and in each student's right to a purposeful education.  This right must help to increase communication and shared responsibility between the school and community.  The preparation of the total person through a wide range of courses and activities is paramount to the development of individual goals and achievements.  An ongoing evaluation of community needs, accompanied by teacher insights, will help style the curriculum to which students are exposed.  Through a climate conducive to learning, we hope to produce responsible citizens capable of thinking independently and making decisions for themselves.

We Believe:

  • All students are uniquely valued, life long learners.
  • All students should have an opportunity to learn in a safe, orderly, and caring environment.
  • The community of students, parents, teachers, and administrators all plays an essential role in the goal of whole child development.
  • That high expectations will result in high performance.
  • That diversity in the classroom is an opportunity for growth.
  • That classroom objectives should be relevant to real world experiences.
  • That a well structured school continuously reassesses its success and challenges.